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We’ve had such an incredible opportunity to connect with other woman-owned businesses, and we’d hate for you to miss the opportunity to learn about them, and be as inspired as we are.


Bethany is the founder of the Bethany Nelson Real Estate Group, and an ever growing real estate investor.  Her story, her vision, her determination to endure whatever life throws at her is a daily dose of inspiration to us and we’re so fortunate to work with her and her team.

She’s an open book and happy to share her story you can also find her on the Open New Doors podcast tab, where she’s not afraid to shoot down Louise’s awesome ideas with love!


Chelsie is a photographer/videographer who captures the most beautiful photos and memories you’ve ever seen. With a long list of clients you might recognize, we’re lucky to be one of them. She helps our marketing team bring ideas to life and does it with the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen.

You can learn more about Chelsie and her business on her website at or see some of her beautiful work on Insta


This woman owned design agency helped us through the creative process of our KPT branding. Not only did they make the process quite fun, they worked their tails off to ensure the project was everything we had hoped and much more. They say when you’re a client, you become part of the family. To say that they made us feel this way is an understatement, we’d even allow them to take care of our fur babies and that says a lot.

If you’re looking for top notch creative design work, you can start with visiting their website at and then head over to Instagram where you can get a taste of their incredible sense of humor

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